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On this day 26 years ago, the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered.

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Kathryn oh-so-nsfw Janeway

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Kathryn Janeway in 35


Kathryn Janeway in 35

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"Some must be sacrificed for all to be saved. Now, I see that revelation is about as much as how we got here, as well as where we’re going."

[paraphrase] G’Kar.

Yes, but JMS, your logic is not consistent. Also if you need to ~summarize~ to the audience the previous 2 seasons, your ability to plot got lost somewhere. 

Ok, so this little speech Delenn is giving G’kar ‘we had to choose between the death of millions, or the death of billions—the death of whole planets’ is is contextually interesting cuz

1. She has taken part in genocide herself (Minbar-Earth war, against Earthers). 

2. She owned up her actions and even underwent a body transformation to try to build a bridge between humans-minbari

3. BUT She, a person who committed genocide, is justifying the Centauri genocide all the same. (Well, there are still some Narn still alive, had I told you about Shadows sooner, all would have been wiped out: is her logic. EXCEPT that is theoreticals.)

Delenn, your white feminism is shining through!

But, that said, the context of this speech makes the Jack the Ripper episode even more useless and just proves that little detour was torture for torture’s sake. (Delenn already knew in s1 what JMS felt her character needed to undergo torture to be enlightened about.)

Asking the Wrong Questions: Alas, Babylon ›


"I can’t stand any of the parts, but I still love the whole."

OMFG. I no longer feel ashamed! 

Also, this is written by a former die-hard B5 fan, so nobody can call said critiquer a “hater.” I do think she nails it: the show asks the wrong questions, does the wrong things, but it still has good intentions. And the good intentions shine through DESPITE the mishandling of characterization and plots. She name checks everything I’ve been complaining about, and then some.

One thing I do appreciate about Babylon 5. Indeed, it has probably kept me more invested despite my many and numerous complaints: how the ships are handled.

We live in post-Dawson’s Creek, post-Buffyverse, post-Gossip Girl world. Where love stories are reduced to love triangles!, the classic will-they-won’t-they!, soulmates!, epicness!

Well, B5 avoids all of that, and I’m grateful. It’s rather low-key and casual. Which actually makes the love stories that much more important cuz they aren’t weighed down with “importance!!!” Which is ironic, cuz everything else on this show is weighed down with “importance!!!”

It’s nice. It’s refreshing. It’s different, and more tv shows could take cues from B5 in how they handle their love story narratives. 

PS “I think I loved Talia” which totally destroyed me when I heard Susan utter that was more, not less, devastating due to how love narratives are handled. Characters aren’t reduced in service of love stories: they are made more powerful by them, cuz love is treated as an…incidental is the wrong word, maybe a bonus to friendship.

I think that’s also why I love Crusher/Picard as well. They have this same framework b5 uses. 


I was out saving the galaxy when your grandfather was in diapers

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