I may very like Enterprise (which it way far out in my marathoning future), but the discussion of TNG: Nemesis that is happening on my dash is reminding why I am having little enthusiasm for Trek things post Voyager. Cuz that movie and Ent fall at the same time on my viewing timeline.

Yes, I’m living dangerous watching it all in chronological airdate order. I knew from the get-go it was perhaps a bad choice. But I’m not changing it up. But EWWWWWW! I’m glad the discussion is happening cuz those are some gross spoilers regarding Deanna. 

Speaking of marathoning, I’m about to hit the Spock episode in TNG. Which has reminded me I only have 1 more TOS movie left and I’M NOT READY! It comes at a time when I’ve realized I’ve developed unexpected feels for TNG (as in: omg only two more seasons after I finish this. Which for as much as I say I’m not attached to the characters, I think I may miss them once I finish the series. May.) 

However, I plan to do a TOS movie rewatch before I hit the TUC. Which will give me an excuse to prolong season 5 out a little longer.


The single greatest cliffhanger of all time.

Try to imagine it.  It’s the spring of 1990, and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” has been on the air for three seasons - and is about to break the Original Series’ record by having a fourth season.

Denise Crosby (Lt. Tasha Yar) left the show before the first season was over.  Gates McFadden was summarily fired and replaced for season two, only to return in season three at the insistence of Patrick Stewart.  So change had always been a possibility.

There was no internet.  Which meant no spoilers like we now know them.  No set reports.  No speculation amongst the fans outside of conventions or groups of friends.  Which meant no way to cope with the anxiety, no bulletin boards to post “AHHH!  WTF?” on while you waited.

We may know now how it all turned out, but back then?  I’ve got friends who where trekkies in the day, and the summer of 1990 was full of anxiety!

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Star Trek Cosplay Resources


So, you want to do a Star Trek cosplay! You’re in luck, because Star Trek is relatively easy to cosplay and there are tons of resources available for your use! I’ve put together a few lists of things you can make or buy to complete a Star Trek cosplay, but feel free to add your own links if there’s anywhere you know of that I’ve left out.

In addition, I’m a huge, huge fan of MangoSirene’s Cosplay 101 video series, which talk about everything from makeup to wigs to budgeting for cosplay. I’d recommend checking them out if you’re interested in starting up in cosplaying because they’re very informative.

This got really long really quickly, so under a cut it goes!

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That photo looks better without a watermark. Source.
Leonard Nimoy, 1970s. Catlow era?


That photo looks better without a watermark. Source.

Leonard Nimoy, 1970s. Catlow era?

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3-Dimensional Chess by tootsiemuppet

Terry Farrell


Terry Farrell

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